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Let our team of industry experts write your resume for you. Competition for jobs has never been fiercer. Our writers have had experience within the industry you wish to work. They can create resumes that speak to your future employer on their own terms and in their own language. With our insider knowledge and writing expertise, with can create powerful and attention-grabbing resumes that put you on top and ahead.

We offer the best quality resumes in Australia

All your information is entered and presented in a way that is the most appealing to your future employer. This includes highlighting things on your resume that your future employer will find important, and downplaying the elements that our team knows will not serve you well. Every CV we produce is custom written. We may use design templates, but the information we enter is accurate, is well written, and is custom written to make sure all of our resumes are original in their own right.

Benefits of ordering a resume at our website

When you buy resume services from us, you get the work of an industry expert and professional. You also enjoy amendments up to thirty days after your order. We have a confidentiality agreement that ensures your current employer will not find out you are using our service, and we have a privacy policy that ensures all the data you give is protected and is not shared with anyone.

Professional resume writers

We have full-time and professional CV writers that spend their working week on writing. As a result, they are extremely proficient at it and are able to produce high quality works in a very short space of time. Every CV writer we hire has at least some kind of industry experience that is uniquely valuable to a selected group of customers. Their experience is used to help tailor their resumes in the future. Each resume writer works full-time.

Our CVs are affordable

One of the things we do not do is charge a high price for our services. We have never seen the sense in charging a huge amount of money for something people are probably only going to use one time. Our resumes have a high success rate, which means with our help you will probably get a job very quickly, so it seems unfair to charge a lot of money for something you are barely going to use. Most people that are unemployed and/or looking for another job usually don’t have a lot of money. We have prices that suit every pocket, from the executive looking to move up via a different job and a promotion, to a person fresh from college that needs a job and has no experience and little cash.

We know how to sell your talents and your experience

Arranging your details onto a CV is not good enough. Our writers know how to make your best qualities appear even brighter, and they know how to use your talents and experience to make the right impression on your future employer. That is why we insist that each writer should have some industry experience before they join our team, so that they may leverage what they know to make your CV more engaging, attention seeking and powerful. You may adapt the CV we send to you for different jobs too, which means you do not have to repeat your order.

Jul 16th 2014 3:37 pm